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Date: 16th August 2016
Ribavirin CAS:36791-04-5
1.??? Product InformationProduct Name: RibavirinCas No.: 36791-04-5Molecular Formula: C8H12N4O5 Molecular Weight:? 244.2? ? ? 2.??? Uses:?Ribavirin is active against a number of DNA and RNA viruses. It is a member of the nucleoside antimetabolite drugs that interfere with duplication of viral genetic material. Ribavirin is active against influenzas, flaviviruses, and agents of many viral hemorrhagic fevers.?Ribavirin is the only known treatment for a variety of viral hemorrhagic fevers, including Lassa fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever, and Hantavirus infection, although data regarding these infections are scarce and the drug might be effective only in early stages.?3.??? Specification:?TESTSSTANDARDSAPPEARANCEWHITE CRYSTALLINE POWDERIDENTIFICATIONIR,TLC COMPLIES WITH STDPH4.0~6.5ABSORPTION?0.02%INDIVIDUAL IMPURITY?0.25%TOTAL IMPURITIES?1.0%LOSS ON DRYING?0.5%RESIDUE ON IGNITION?0.25%HEAVY METALS?10PPMASSAY98.9%~101.5%?4.??? Sinoway?s advantages:(1)?? Fast Delivery, Good Quality and reasonable price (2)?? Professional Manufacturer, 29 years in pharmaceutical industry? ? ? ? (3)? ?SGS audit supplier
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